Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Separation of Church And State: Part II

Charter school girls from Minnesota?

There is not much coverage in Minnesota today. Hopefully, things may soon hit the fan since heavy hitters like LGF, and Power Line have picked up on it. Hot Air has a good take on the madrasah in Minnesota. Katherine Kersten, the Star Tribune reporter for the article, is very well respected in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for her investigative reporting. Her blog is up to date and includes other issues that she has covered. Hopefully, it will make Twin Cities TV news (not holding my breath /sigh). According to Hot Air, the ACLU has even gotten involved on one of its religion issues. This may be interesting to follow. Better the ACLU take money from Islomo-fasicits rather than law suits against Christians who pray in public, a Nativity Scene in public, school vouchers, Ten Commandment plaques that have been in place for 50 years, Pledge of Allegiance advocates, etc. If nothing else, this will be interesting to follow. Actually, if the ACLU makes any money from this, the taxpayers of Minnesota will pay, but something worth paying for if this school gets slammed down and its true intentions revealed.

Update 10:30 Central: It only made it to one station in the Twin Cites. KSTP has a video available.

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