Thursday, May 15, 2008

This just in (actual fan mail! :) )


I really enjoy your Too Much Liberty’s blog (ttp:// ) and was wondering if you would please mention my--Conservatively Slanted--political satire party test on you r blog and/or add a web link to my test.

Blogger, Plum Crazy (, “said my test “has aptly been called the world's funniest political quiz.” Blogger, Michael J. Totten ( ), called my test, “The funniest political quiz I’ve seen yet, and blogger GM's Corner ( referred to my test as “The Political Test of the Decade!” And finally blogger, Hard Astarboard ( said my test was “a masterpiece, if ever I saw one!”

Currently, over 145,000 people have taken my web test.

I believe my test instructs the reader about the virtues of conservatism in a humorous way and demonstrates how conservatism is the only logical solution to solve today’s serious political issues.

Below is the pertinent info about my test.


Test Title:

A SATIRICAL POLITICAL BELIEFS ASSESSMENT TEST: A Humorous Political Party Quiz to Test If You're an Archconservative, Leftwing Wacko, Antigovernment Libertine or a Commie Sympathizer

Five Sample Test Questions Follow:


Key to abbreviations in test questions that follow:

CONS: Conservative (Archconservative)

LIBL: Liberal (Leftwing Wacko)

LBRT: Libertarian (Antigovernment Libertine)

COMM: Communist (Commie Sympathizer)


1: Government's practice of stealing from the rich to give to the poor is...

CONS: a crime.

LIBL: a brave, generous and heroic deed.

LBRT: a foolish, misguided attempt at social engineering.

COMM: an inspiration to us all.


7: The Center for Public-Health Dietary Self Control releases a study that says eating just one jelly donut is as harmful to human health as smoking 10,000,000 cartons of cigarettes. Do you...

CONS: keep eating jelly donuts.

LIBL: demand that jelly donuts be removed from vending machines, and public school cafeterias.

LBRT: hoard jelly donuts before they are regulated off grocer's shelves.

COMM: hoard jelly donuts so you can sell them on the black market.


10: What techniques are best for maintaining discipline in the classroom?

CONS: If just one student misbehaves, severely punish the entire class.

LIBL: Force boys who refuse to settle down to take psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin and Prozac.

LBRT: Anyone who doesn't want to be in class can leave.

COMM: Anyone who doesn't want to be in class can be made an example of.


20: What's the best way to stop people from illegally crossing our borders?

CONS: Seal the borders so no one can get in.

LIBL: Do nothing to beef up security at the borders, and offer illegal aliens a wide array of free services.

LBRT: Allow unrestricted passage across the borders.

COMM: Seal the borders so no one can get out.


21: How would you define the word "profit"?

CONS: What business owners earn by selling a quality product at a competitive price.

LIBL: What business owners RIP-OFF from their customers.

LBRT: What business owners are rewarded with for risking the loss of their own money.

COMM: What business owners RIP-OFF from their employees.


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