Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'The Boss' Springsteen Hates The Working Guy

I think that if I had earned at least 55 million during 2005-06 that I would be grateful, today, for those who payed my salary. My moral upbringing would dictate that appreciation for my fortune be directed to God then to the humans that helped make it possible. Springsteen is an Obama supporter. His mindset seems to mirror Obama's disdain for those of us who work for a living without accumulating tremendous wealth. This recent song would seem to be an endorsement of the elitism that is compatible with the liberal mindset. The American worker is the most productive worker in the world. They have allowed us to have the highest standard of living in the history of the world. Sometimes the services that we want may not meet our standards. If they do not, we go elsewhere. Simple as that. What we do not do, as Americans, is sh*t in our mess kit!

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Anonymous said...

You do realise that this is a spoof / a parody. Has nothing else to do with Bruce Springsteen.
That person in the video is an actor, impersonating Springsteen.
Do read up on Springsteen, if you get the time, please? My bet is you'll be surprised at how much he cares about his country and her people, especially those who struggle to make sense of many of the human hardships and struggles they face and go through.
It's so powerful and moving, it inspires me all the way here in Kolkata, India.