Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Law Abiding Citizen Saves Business Thousands!

Just in case you need further proof that an armed citizenry is in the public's best interest, read the story here.

Not only did the gun owner react appropriately, but it would appear that he is an immigrant as well. Well, as the saying goes, there is no faith like that of a convert. It would appear the same is true to those converting to the American Dream.

Business owners and politicians creating "gun-free zones" really only accomplish the opposite. Criminals, knowing their law-abiding intended victims can not defend themselves in these areas will naturally congregate there.

I mean, come on, does it really make sense to pass more laws outlawing guns or tightening restrictions? Criminals are already, by definition, not opposed to breaking the law. So... Is another law going to really deter them? Its already against the law to shoot people. How many more laws before people get it?

And by that, I mean both sides--legislators and criminals.

Thought this was timely, considering the impending Supreme Court opinion on the 2nd Amendment.

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