Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caution! The Brown Acid Is Bad!

This is one of the many warnings that were part of Woodstock in 1969. Drugs flowed freely (there were acid tents for those who were having a bad 'trip') and consisted mostly of LSD, pot, and mescaline. Alcohol was a favorite, as well. Cocaine and meth were so far on the outside that they were a non-factor. This was, also, at the height of the war in Vietnam where 58,178 Americans were killed and over 304,000 were wounded. Two thirds of those who served were volunteers. These veterans returned to an America that treated them as murderers and were called 'baby killers'. Regardless, these veterans got on with their lives and have helped make America a better place. I cannot honor them enough. The people at Woodstock went on with their lives and had an edge on those in the military. They became politicians, wrote books, finished college and immediately became professors without actually experiencing a life in the real world. They were also teaching grade school and high school students. I wonder how much influence massive amounts of LSD, pot, and mescaline have affected the minds of those of the Woodstock era? How has their mindset and lifestyle effected their children or those they taught or governed? The oft used cliche, "If you remember the 60's you didn't live in the 60's" may have some credence to why some politicians and educators are not able to experience reality. This captioned video (captioned so that the lyrics can be understood) of one of the stars at Woodstock, Joe Crocker (25 years old), will give you an example of the rationality of those who were at Woodstock (people actually thought the lyrics were wonderful). If you could understand them and make sense out of them, you must have been stoned.

Enough of my rant for today.

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