Thursday, July 17, 2008

Global Warming In Minnesota

Temps in Duluth are going to about 50 tonight with a high of 74 tomorrow dipping to a high of 65 on Saturday though moderating to the mid-70s by mid-week. The picture was April in Duluth. My youngest daughter and son-in-law, with their 4x4, snowblower, and shovels, came from Wisconsin the next day to help me clear out the drive and a small walkway to the house. I had to come out the front door, because it is elevated above ground level, to get to a shovel as the side door off the kitchen was snowed in to the top. I couldn't get my snowblower out of the garage because power was out for almost 48 hours (cold and dark for two nights and I slept in an arctic sleeping bag in the living room - glad my camping equipment was handy so I had the bag and a Coleman lantern and stove) and, of course, the garage door would not open from the remote and the side door was frozen shut so that I couldn't release the garage door manually. Please bring on the global warming! Oh, it seems that there are more deniers out there. Another 50,000 scientists, in addition to the original 30,000) that are saying that earlier predictions were based on faulty research. Imagine that! 80.000 plus scientists are saying that the oracle Algore is FOS! You might want to remember the concepts of the Maunder Minimum, then skin the seals and polar bears, we may need the clothing.

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