Sunday, July 13, 2008

Imagine There's No Global Warming

Those who monitor this site know my beliefs of the religion of Global Warming. For those who just happened across this site, my belief in global warming is that it is a farce based on faulty, non-peer reviewed, speculation that is presented as fact. It creates a lot of emotion that is expressed as guilt. Such guilt needs redemption and it can only be realized through strict adherences to the doom sayers. I view it is a cultist religion that has its own prophecies, code of conduct, and even an oracle/savior in Al Gore. Basically, I believe that global warming is caused by an enormous fusion reactor that is about 93 millions miles away in space (we commonly refer to it as the sun) and that humans have no influence upon how this fusion process will effect us. I have promoted Minnesotans For Global Warming (M4GW) a couple of times in this blog. The latest video at their site (they have several other great videos) is too wonderful not to pass along. It is also available at YouTube. Go to YouTube and give them some credence for their talent. Then, maybe, we could set the flamingos free.

Elmer's Three Laws of Global Warming.

1) After an unusual warm spell, some people think that means the globe will burn up, so they run around screaming "The Globe Is Warming! The Globe Is Warming!"

Whenever the mainstream media comes out and says that Global Warming is for real, we get hit with unusually cold weather.

Most Global Warming occurs during the summer.

If you are a naysayer and think that global warming is for real, check out Ice Age Now. You may then want to get some polar bear hides for hooded robes and seal skin boots for foot and hand protection.

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