Friday, July 18, 2008

MS Is User Friendly - Like Hell Loves A Raghead!

I have spent the last four hours of my life trying to get on the Internet. I did not even have any restore points to go to! I finally discovered, after three calls to my IP (I actually got a live person that spoke American English on the last call) that it was the latest Redmond, WA update that was the cause. After the update had deleted the Restore Points on my XP (if they had done it right in the 1st place...) the computer tells me that due to a lot of changes to my computer that I must reactivate the #$@% license to use an unwieldy POS! This is the BS command from Redmond: "Verify the successful installation of the Wga Plug-In (or we will behead your children because we can intimidate or buy ourselves out of any repercussions and you will lose XP in three days!).

On successful installation, WgaPluginInstall places two files on your system. If you are missing any of these two files, then try running the WgaPluginInstall again to install the plug-in. If you would like to verify if these two files exist on your computer, follow the steps below.

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the folder where you have installed your Firefox Browser. For Firefox, the default location would be C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Browse to the plugins folder under the install folder.
  3. Verify if npLegitCheckPlugin.dll file exists in this folder.
  4. Browse to the components folder under the install folder.
  5. Verify if nsILegitCheckPlugin.xpt file exists in this folder. (just to kiss our money grubbing existence)
  6. If this does not rectify your helpless situation then expect BOHICA, again, next month.

At this point I actually came very close to going postal and throwing the *($%^!# out the window! Sanity crept in; only for a moment. It is not my system (it is very stable) it is the asshats in Redmond who need to get a real job for a couple of years and then design operating systems that real people can use. Ask Steve Jobs how the "user friendly" works! Is Linux able to do what I want to do? It will take me a couple of more days to straighten out the crap that has happened to my machine. The "Royal" MS Registry (another POS from Redmond) has taken a big hit because of this. My Amust Registry Cleaner went nuts! I didn't allow any changes until sanity may, once again, return. Start up programs are not what they once were and my desktop and toolbars looks like something that a teen newbie may have created!

It's over. Relax Old Man. Take slow, deep breaths. You have just entered a deep forest. The heat of the sun is replaced by calming shade. It is quite. As you go further into the forest you find a spring of water that becomes a small stream with the wonderful sound of the natural running water. Remember to breath deeply of the forests fragrance. You follow it to a small pond; you sit and...

Thanks for the space to rant. I'm doing much better, thanks to a pizza from Bulldog Pizza and hydration from several diet sodas (a permit to carry does not allow the destruction of a computer), but I would like some input on Linux.

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