Monday, August 4, 2008

The enemy of my enemy...

"Dear Friends in the Nobama effort, there's a fine review of Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio on a blog site managed by Australian Jim Fryar, who is one of mnay bloggers working to get Americans overseas to cast absentee ballots for John McCain. An American in Australia, Noel, is basically going to door-to-door in Sydney (and watching out for American accents) to get people to cast absentee ballots.

Cristi Adkins of has asked all Nobama bloggers and friends of John McCain to go to Jim Fryar's site and write comments saluting him for his efforts on behalf of our country. Following is the link to Jim's review:

If you'd like to hear the show Jim reviews, you can find it at:"

1 comment:

Jim Fryar said...

Thank you for the plug. When I found the site I just thought it deserved a help along the way.

I am really stunned at the response.