Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Balsamico: The Wall Street Bailout

It is very sad that we are in this position at this time (that is to say how close to being a third world country which I talked about in my last address). It is my opinion that we do not give one dime to bail out the GREEDY and CROOKED companies. Where were our leaders while this was happening? Our President and both Presidential candidates keep telling America that the backbone of our country and economy is the everyday worker and small business owner. As a small business owner I am tired of them breaking my back. While the speculators drove up the price of oil we paid and are still paying the price at the pumps while those same speculators made BILLIONS with no risk involved. Ask any small business owner if Wall Street and/or the Government will bail them out if they make bad decisions in business. These people on Wall Street make VERY VERY good money (which they still have in the bank or in their possession unlike the stockholder that they wiped out). Wall Street, AIG, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac etc employees are all still working, their fortunes and futures were not wiped out. If the President, Congress and both Presidential candidates pass this 700 BILLION bail out they are telling me Washington business as usual (PORK SPENDING JUST SUPER SIZED and under the term BAILOUT). I believe if no bailout is given the everyday worker and small business will not perish as they lead you to believe. After all we survive every other hurdle Government and big business throw our way. It is time they learn how to survive the way we do, by sucking it up and getting through with no guarantees like the rest of the real world survives. I would rather endure a few bumps in the road than have the Government sell the future of my children and grand children. If the big companies pay and suffer for their mistakes, we (as well as them) will evolve a better and stronger country for it.

Thank You,

Bill Balsamico
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