Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush: Congress Must Act To Save Stupid People

Scrappleface seems to have inside info on the President's speech.

(2008-09-24) — The foundation of the U.S. economy could crumble, President George Bush said today, if Congress fails to approve a U.S. Treasury plan to take over foundering [sic] financial firms, a proposal which the president called “a much-needed 21st-century civil rights act for stupid people.”

“...To sustain this shining city on a hill,” Mr. Bush said, “we need to rescue the ignorant, irresponsible folks — from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to Main Street — who got us to where we are today. We must guarantee that no American suffers the soft bigotry of being forced to live with the consequences of his bad decisions... “It is a moral imperative that we guard the civil rights of these idiots,””

Read the full text at Scrappleface.

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