Monday, September 22, 2008

Who Lacks Health Insurance In America?

There is a lot of hype about those who lack health insurance in the US. Numbers go as high as 45.7 million people. There has been a push since the Clinton administration for universal health care. In a simplistic explanation, health care will be provided and controlled by the government. This Orwellian concept has gripped the liberals in a feeding frenzy of desire for a protective 'parent' that they may never have had - a nanny state daddy or mommy. Never mind that Canada and England have have had a try at it and it is a failure. Medical services are so regulated that people with medical issues that can be corrected in days in the US now take months. The US medical community is providing health care to Canadians (According to the Canadian Medical Association there are currently more than one million people in the country who are on waiting lists for medical treatment. In 2005, Statistics Canada estimated that 4.3 million Canadians had difficulty accessing 'first contact' services such as family doctors, and 1.2 million had difficulty getting specialized care over a 12-month period due to long waiting times. More than 30 percent said that their health deteriorated while waiting to see a specialist.) who do not have the time to wait for their government mandated place in line. HMO's have been labeled the villains yet the largest HMO in the world is the VA medical system. The VA has, and continues to have, major problems. What can be a good outcome if all of the US is under government regulated medical care? If you think medical care is expensive now, what will the price be if the government controls it? This Powerline permalink has some more info that is worth the read.

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