Monday, November 17, 2008

The Unfairness of the Fairness Doctrine

The Fairness Doctrine is a contrived law to limit free speech on radio stations. It was first enacted in 1949 but took on a new power in 1967 when various provisions were put into the power of the FCC. The intent was to provide for opposing, fair but balanced, views on almost everything. In 1974 the FCC stated that Congress had delegated it the power to mandate a system of "access, either free or paid, for person or groups wishing to express a viewpoint on a controversial public issue..." Orwellian 1984 came early. During Obama's campaign there were hints of re-enacting the Fairness Doctrine. Can you imagine the impact to radio stations when they have to conform to government regulated content? There has been little talk of the Fairness Doctrine re-enforcement since the election. Be suspicious! Every good program has a backdoor. Jim Boulet, Jr. at American Thinker has an understanding of how we will be doomed to repeats of Air America and a squashing of our First Amendment rights. The hell with Air America, I want free speech!!!

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