Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Currently, I'm bothered

by the Somali Pirates. Not directly bothered, of course, just in general bothered.

Now, I know that they are really just illiterate thugs, but c'mon, don't they know what happens to African pirates that mess with shipping?  Well, nothing actually.  Europe has a history of appeasing African pirates.

Eventually, they are going to take an American flagged vessel.  Then we'll see if we have a
 Decatur or Eaton left.

I am annoyed that we do nothing.  These government-less thugs, from a "country" I already don't like from our history with it in the '90's, feel free to disrupt international trade and ask millions in ransom.  You'll note I gave this a Terrorism tag.

I want us to take the USS Wisconsin out of mothballs and begin shelling.

Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute.

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Old Man said...

Best bet would be an NRA cruise. Each NRA member would be allowed to bring their own favorite weapon and ammo. For an extra fee they would be allowed the use of a mounted Ma Deuce, M-170 (for the long range purest), or may be an AA-12 if the pirates can even get close enough. Forget the whirlpools and spas: open fire ranges and floating targets!