Friday, January 25, 2008

O Ye of Little Faith; Who Said Fred Is Dead?

Well, Fred said it himself. Many of us had great hopes for Fred. Being called a Fredhead was analogous to calling Ronald Regan a cowboy; meant as an insult but received by the faithful with pride [sort of reminiscent of the line from Hunt for Red October when Ramius said to Borodin that Mancuso is a "buckaroo"]. Fred is a consistent conservative with a federalism mindset. He is intelligent and presents himself publicly without pretense as he is purported to be in private life. Fred is an antonym of both the remaining Democrat and Republican candidates. I believe he diminished his support base by delaying his announcement of his intention to run. When he said that he was out of the race I was disappointed, but understood that he didn’t have much of a chance against the flashy and hypocritical styles of the front-runners. There are some who has not given up the possibility of a Fred resurrection.

This is worth a read. Steven Stark states some possiblities at RealClear Polotics:

Yes, he's been a reluctant suitor. And, yes, he didn't prove himself to be a terrific candidate. But he has always been the establishment's choice. The flip side of his failure to articulate much of a platform is that he hasn't really alienated anybody. He certainly looks like a president, so much so that he's played two in the movies. And he's been vetted: though there are no shining accomplishments, there are also no skeletons in the closet (which actually puts him one up on Harding).

It would be absurd to suggest that Fred's failure to do well was part of some grand strategy. But this year, it would be equally absurd to write him off just because he was a disappointing candidate. When conventions deadlock, history teaches us that yesterday's disappointments become tomorrow's stars. If McCain can't stampede to the nomination and Super Tuesday doesn't produce another clear front-runner, we may not have heard the last of Fred, even if he doesn't believe it himself.
Since John Bolton isn’t a candidate, Margaret Thatcher is British, Mark Steyn is Canadian; there is no one that I am willing to support.

Stark makes plausible reasons why there is still the possibility for a worthy presidential candidate. I guess that even a dark horse can sometimes win, though it may not seem to be the best way to make a wager.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Campaign 2008 Update...

Well, the list of Moonbats gets shorter as another lunatic is winnowed from the pack: Kucinich has abandoned his attempt at the Presidency.

That makes one less wacko we need to worry about. Its a good thing, too, because as unpalatable as all of you single-issue voters find the prospect of someone of a different religion than you being the President of The United States, you certainly wouldn't want a man who believes in UFO's.

That leaves us with an alien replicant, who runs around wearing a human skin and cackling maniacally hoping to fool us all. Take a look at these photos taken during a commercial break during the recent Democratic debate: Her human emotion chip got stuck in auto-cackle, and overheated. Her psuedo-skin melted, and they had to rush to get makeup in there before the break was over.

The other guy's main qualification is that he isn't married to Bill Clinton.

The G.O.P on the other hand, has a couple of qualified candidates, one of whom is apparently against freedom of religion, and says that's why you shouldn't elect the other guy, one, who while a bona-fide American war hero, is so old he is likely to keel over before November, and a guy who while otherwise qualified has a religion most people think is a cult. Oh, and then there is Giuliani, who may as well throw in the towel: he started out great in the press, but doesn't seem to be getting any money, and isn't really conservative enough to really be a Republican anyhow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred's No Good, Very Bad Day...

Horrible news was received today:

Statement from Sen. Fred Thompson

McLean, VA - Senator Fred Thompson today issued the following statement about his campaign for President:

"Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people."

Please give the Senator a moment of silence.

Anyhow, while I am glad I didn't go and put my Fred '08 bumpersticker on, I do think its a shame that the candidate I agreed with most just isn't electable. Now I know how Ron Paul supporters feel, only without any of the psychosis that goes along with it.

I'm afraid that now all we are left with are for the Attractive First Lady Pool, are Michelle Obama, and Ann Romney. So if you had Jeri Thompson, I'm afraid you're out of the running.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Newest State – Mexico

The Dumb Blond [not dumb at all] makes some great points on how to improve our economy and pacify the tree huggers. She makes a lot of sense and, exploring her other videos, she is consistent in her conservative views. How can a seemingly lucid American citizen make a better solution to immigration than the Secretary of State? It seems that anytime I try to listen to anything the government is saying the result is no more than a BOHICA. Another of my favorite videos from the Dumb Blond explains how to respond to PC moonbats. I just have to love this girl.