Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Happened To The Ozone?

Several years ago we were warned that the ozone layer was expanding and that we were all going to die from melanoma and the earth's demise was imminent. People went nuts and saw it as one of the signs of the apocalypse! Well, the ozone hole has shrunk and is sending some people into another panic. It seems that that was a bit of nonsense that never had any basis in fact and seems very similar to the catastrophic weather that Algore's "experts" are predicting today. Actually, global warming is so intense that northern Minnesota is expecting 1-3 inches of 'white' global warming tomorrow night. The snow won't last but it is April! It seems that since the ozone layer has repaired it's self Antarctica is in trouble. Guess you can't make Mother Nature happy. Either way, humanity is at fault for how the sun and earth's geological factors react. Questions: What is the ideal temperature for the planet? If we could return to any point in human history, where would we chose to go that had the ideal temperature? Has the planet ever maintained the 'ideal' temperature for any significant period of geological time?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary in Pennsylvania

Thanks to Obama's elitism and Rush Limbaugh's efforts Hillary is staying alive! Damn, this will just keep getting better. Hollyweird has nothing to top this! I am going to get more popcorn and soda to watch this fiasco to the finish. The Dem convention will call for double butter on a triple sized popcorn; full of grease and gas. It will be slippery and move faster than anticipated. The ensuing bashing of credentials and personal history will be wonderful to observe. After the convention it will be so entertaining to see which party can fling the most pooh.