Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama Audacity Watch

The Audacity Watch is brought to you by the GOP. For some more fun, check out this short video from Mary Katherine Ham, supreme conservative blogger, found at

Obama's On A Different Planet

Though Obama may not be a Vulcan, John Bolton (a.k.a. The Stach) seems to think that he may live in a reality other than this planet. In an article found in the L.A. Times, the Stach fisks Obama's Berlin speech. Remember, no giggling or gloating allowed when evident truths are revealed. Any place for The Stach in McClain's cabinet? May be ambassador to the UN? Oh, that was tried and he was too effective. Perhaps Congress would just grant him a letter of marque as provided in Article 1; Section 8 of the Constitution (kick ass and take names).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Real Obama Facebook

A lot of people are enamored with the social networking possibilities of Facebook. I am not one of them, though. I much prefer to meet people personally then decide if they are friend or foe. I found it interesting that if you Google the word "Facebook," the first entry that comes up, naturally, is the main Facebook site. The second is Barack Obama's Facebook page. The fine people at the RNC have come up with a wonderful site titled BarackBook. When you review this site remember that no laughter or snickering is allowed. After all, Obamessiah has yet to give any hint of humor being allowed to gun toting church goers. I did, though, thought that I did see him smile but it turned out to be gas.