Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arab Headgear Banned In School

Pittsburgh, at least, seems to have a modicum of common sense regarding dress-codes.

It recently kicked out of class two kids who refused to remove their kaffiyehs.  Apparently, students and parents had called and complained that they were symbols of hate and terrorism.

One of the students had been previously in trouble for wearing a shirt with a threatening anti-Isreali message on it.

We may be clinging to our religion and our guns here in western Pennsylvania, but it would seem we managed to hang on to some common sense too.

Its good to see that once in a while school officials don't have their craniums firmly lodged inside their posteriors, and that the good people of Pittsburgh have the common sense to squash this nonsense before it goes to far.

Personally, I'm for dress codes in school.  It makes school shopping easy, and I think it promotes good order.  Children need order, lest they end up hooligans or Democrats.

Your poor Johnny feels stifled and can't express himself?  When the precious little snowflakes are at the mall on the weekend they can be as expressive as they want--when they are in school, they had best be learning... if that still goes on in public schools in America.

Just think of it as a primer for real life.  When was the last time you went to a real job, and you were allowed to wear whatever you liked?  You can't even do that at McDonalds.  And I mean a real job.

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