Thursday, February 12, 2009

Create or Save?

Obama the Candidate was promising to create new jobs whilst on the stump.

Obama as the President Elect quickly shifted from Hope over Fear to Fear over Hope. His new message,as our President, has been all too smoothly changed to Create or Save 4 million jobs.

Wait Wut?

Whiskey Tango foxtrot my Obama bothers? How in the world, in this day and age, in this nation, with our media, can such an obamanation exist? The media is allowing this bait and switch to slip by with nary a raised brow?! Well congratulations people - Obama is Lucy, jobs are the football, and YOU are Charlie Brown.

If, under the control of the liberals, we continue to lose jobs - real jobs that create wealth - but merely replace them with "make work jobs" then the administration will claim that they "saved" 4 million jobs. However, what will be left out of any explanation is that "make work" jobs, such as those that would be created by summoning phantom money and delivering it via giant money cannons ala "infrastructure building programs", do NOT create wealth. In fact, they do the opposite.

Just as many of us learned in middle school - energy cannot be created - something has to give. If I wish to burn gasoline to create a motive force I must (currently) accept the 25 to 30% efficiency. How then can the government "raise money" (read take it form those who earn), redistribute it to an organization to perform a job, and then go on to call it "creating a job"? If a person works at a corner store and is paying income tax then that person is a net gain to the government. Such is not the case if the government must first employ that person, remove some of their pay (tax), and give then it back to themselves.

There is no way this bait and switch would be allowed if Barry was more of a pachyderm and less of a jackass.

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