Sunday, February 15, 2009

Muzzamil Hassan Beheads Wife

This has to be one of the articles containing both the greatest irony and tradgedy.

This Hassan dude, founds a TV network, called Bridges TV, which he was using to portray Muslims in a "positive light".  In what has to be one of the epic fails of all times, he then turns around and beheads (uh, allegedly) his estranged wife because he was about to be served divorce papers.

One of the creepy things is how normal he looks.

And, gentle readers, this didn't happen in some third world hell-hole... well, I guess it was in Buffalo, NY.  But seriously, honor killings are now becoming more commonplace here at home.  You should be very worried.  Next up, Sharia Law.

Photo credits and article found at the Buffalo News.

Truly, the Religion of Peace has won out again.

Now, I thought about using a joke about how she got the "Hassan Chop!" (Looney Tunes, anyone?) but someone beat me to it.  I'll just leave you with the observation:

Who said once you get married you'll never get head again?

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