Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ten High-Tech Weapons to Repel Pirates

Well, by now you may have read Fox New's version of this list, which you can find here, but this our version at Too Much Liberty:

Number 10: Barret M107 .50cal Sniper Rifle
This baby will let you poke holes in the pirate's zippy little boats--and the pirates--in excess of 1800 yds.

Number 9: The M-60 machine gun.
Mount this little guy to the rail behind some armor plate on a swivel mount, and you will probably not need to worry about motor boats.
Number 8: MK19 40mm Grenade Launcher.
This is the perfect answer to these guys lobbing RPG's at your container ship. This will let you reach out and touch someone at 1500 yds at 350 rounds per minute.

Number 7: 25mm MK 38 cannon.
At a range of 3000 yds and 200 rounds per minute, you can definitely cause them to reconsider their career path. Perhaps they will take up swimming?

Number 6: MK45 5"/54.
Because 5 inch guns were good enough to take on a German U-Boat, or a Japanese cargo ship, they're good enough for you Bucco... here is the modern version. I say we outfit a few Q-Ships and give Captain Sparrow a surprise.

Number 5: The U.S. Marine.
Kicking African Pirate Ass since 1801. Accept no substitute.

Number 4: Block 1B Phalanx Surface Mode Close In Weapon System (CWIS).
"upgrade allows engagement of small, high-speed, maneuvering surface craft and low, slow-moving aircraft, and hovering helicopters. This upgrade incorporates a thermal imager, an automatic acquisition video tracker, and a stabilization system for the imager, providing both day and night detection of threats."

Number 3: Cyclone Class Costal Patrol Ship
At 35 kts and armed with .50's and 25mm chain guns, you would think twice about boarding a ship escorted by one of these.

Number 2: Sea Sparrow Missile
It makes surface craft go boom.

And our Number 1 High Tech Weapon for Anti-Piracy Operations?
You guessed it, the Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier. With more air power than many countries, unlimited range fueled by its onboard nuclear reactors and ability to protect a large area at once, parking one of these babies off the coast would clear up the pirate problem in a hurry. Particularly if we started bombing their bases of operations.

Perhaps some of this stuff isn't a cool as the stuff on Fox's list, but personally, I'd prefer to meet a pirate armed with something a little more substantial than a noise maker or flashlight.

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Perhaps a NRA only pleasure cruise?