Monday, May 4, 2009

(Un)Fairness Doctrine

Its on its way back, and like what the Moonbats are doing AGW, they are simply trying to confuse the issue in Orwellian double-speak to make their cause sound appealing to the uninformed.

They've been doing that for a while... Take the "Fairness Doctrine" as an example. Who wouldn't be for something that says we should be fair, right? Sound like a good doctrine? Well, of course, until you take a look at it. But they swing it around like a club come election time: "My opponent is not in favor of being fair!"

Anyhow, take a peak at this stuff I got from the Media Research Center:

We've sounded the alarm before about the Left's intention to use
"media diversity" and "localism" to silence talk radio in
similar fashion to the "Fairness Doctrine."

These are the new "Fairness" Doctrines, and their time has
come. The process to silence the opposition voice is upon us!

Last week the Obama Administration announced it's Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) "Advisory Committee on
Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age."

This Commission is made up of a laundry list of more than
a dozen left-wing organizations, and a smattering of radio
and television companies included to break up the monotony.

Noticeably absent are conservative organizations. In fact,
not one was invited to participate this Commission!

This is Obama's idea of media diversity? Freezing out
conservatives when the committee meets next Thursday (May 7).

Now, I don't like to put myself in a box like "conservative" or "Whacked-out leftist commie", but I generally find "conservative" view points more palatable, though I tend towards libertarianism. If I were to put myself in a box, it might be labled "grumpy American voter" or "pretty normal and thinks that Washington is out of touch". Freezing out Conservatives doesn't seem very fair, now does it? Anyhow, the article continues:

The Chairman of Obama's FCC "Media Diversity" Commission is
Henry Rivera. Back in 1985, President Ronald Reagan replaced
Rivera on the FCC because he was a virulent supporter of the
"Fairness" Doctrine, and Reagan was seeking to end the
un-Constitutional regulatory lock on free speech. Two years
later, Reagan did and the rest is broadcast history.

But since then, the Left has yearned to re-censor talk radio.
And this is how Obama's FCC now plans on doing it--by
implementing the "Fairness" Doctrines.

If you think this is a whacked-out as I do, follow this link and sign the petition to let the Moonbats in Congress know what we think. After all, I imagine its a small step from censoring the radio to a Chinese style censorship of political speech on the internet.

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Brian said...

Free speech applies as long as you agree with the liberal left. If you are conservative then you are either.

A. a domestic terrorist threat (according to the homeland security office)

B. Racists because you dare to question the anointed (Obama) one's policies

C. A hater because you aren't tolerant of every vice, perversion, and freak out there. (Note though it is OK for them to hate you because you do not approve of their position)