Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's going on (Why we're talking about Iran)

First of all, some of you may be wondering why we are talking about Iran. Easy: they are a people struggling for liberty out from under the weight of an oppressive totalitarian regime. They are yearning for a 21st century life and reform. I admire that, and you probably do too.

There is something else we can learn from what is going on here, though. We can learn how a government in the modern age will attempt to suppress and control all forms of communication in order to prevent dissent.

I usually am quite disparaging towards Twitter and other "pop" forms of instant communication. However, its one of the few outlets that the Iranian government has not been able to suppress fully--yet (cell phones and most internet access were the first to go).

If you read the "tweets" (I hate even using that syrupy pop term) on the #IranElection channel (link takes you there, refresh often) you will be able to watch their revolution occur in real time.

You'll get to see how intelligence agencies spread disinformation, and you'll be able to follow the stories of real people.

Keep this in mind when our leaders want to start getting more control over your freedom of speech, both online and in other areas. For instance, moves to end blog anonymity. You should always be wary of government control.

You may have noticed the color green being featured not only on our site, but others. Bloggers showing solidarity with the Iranian demonstrators are using this color. I guess I better cancel my vacation plans to Persia.

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