Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inappropriate Michael Jackson Comment!

Michael Jackson's death has not only put the brakes on his comeback tour (duh) but it has Hollywood screenwriters in a tissy as well. Jacko was slotted as the next Batman villain......


I have been sitting on this joke for years....

And just like baseball cards you have to sell them while they have value.

If you are offended - lighten up - Micheal did (there I go again)


innominatus said...

Nice. The "lighten up" part actually made me laugh the most.

BrotherMalcolm said...


I am actually a huge Jackson fan. The first album I remember buying was Thriller - a cassette.

He was a ground breaker - his moves, his voice, his style (at times), and the arrangements that he Quincy Jones collaborated on - awesome.

However, apart from "Michael the Product", his life was mostly tragic IMAO.

Cheers for the comment!