Thursday, August 6, 2009

The AARP Is Not Your Friend

The AARP is actively working against the desires of its members... where are your donations going?

Further proof that the powers that be are working against us to shove this unwanted legislation down our throats.

Not only is the AARP, and other self-serving lobbying organizations showing their true colors now, but our own elected representatives are calling our anger over this outrage they are calling "Healthcare Reform" contrived.

Perhaps from their ivory towers in D.C. it may seemed contrived, but I tell you what, Congressmen, Americans do still get mad. It takes us a while, but we can still recognize the hand of tyranny.

We are about to be taxed, our children taxed, and their children taxed. Our representatives are fooling themselves if they think we aren't really upset. For that matter, we are not being represented!

Our very lives are being tampered with by the government! For once, this is not melodrama. Your fundamental freedom to determine your own life is at stake--nothing less. Do NOT yield this to some faceless drone in Washington.

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