Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moonbats, and Hate Mail

Recently got this message, in response to Old Man's post on death panels and how the government is going to kill us all, yet:

Gobama said...

You're an idiot and this is garbage.
Also, There is only one S in Expense.

Ower offishial reeply:


As you may have noticed, we are not a professional organization, unlike the coordinated liberal smear machine you call the mainstream media. You can probably tell by the lack of ads in our sidebar, or interrupting your view of the page.

As such, I don't deduct points for spelling, or for grammar. That's particularly lucky for you, because you should not have capitalized the letter "T" in "there", as it is not at the beginning of a sentence, or a proper noun.

I do welcome your post though, and your well thought out opinion. By the depth of your comments, you are obviously interested in intelligent dialogue--a vigorous debate of the issues, by which I can further understand your point of view.

Seriously, though, dude: If the best thought out comment you can come up with is "This is garbage," and "you are an idiot because you can't spell", the sarcasm I just typed is completely lost on you.

Perhaps you had best go back to the Daily Kos before you actually have to think, and you sprain your thinker.

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