Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Liberals, Progressives, Commies, etc.

"Throughout the world, in the name of progress, men who call themselves communists, socialists, fascists, nationalists, progressives, and even liberals, are unanimous in holding that government with its instruments of coercion must by commanding the people how they shall live, direct the course of civilization and fix the shape of things to come. . . . The premises of authoritarian collectivism have become the working beliefs, the self-evident assumptions, the unquestioned axioms, not only of all the revolutionary regimes, but of nearly every effort which lays claim to being enlightened, humane, and progressive." -Walter Lippmann, The New Republic, 1937

This was written on the eve of Europe going to war and during the Great Depression and the New Deal in America that was created at great cost. Am I the only one, but does this sound familiar?

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