Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama Liar, Joe Wilson American Hero

Joe Wilson, American Hero. He probably never thought he would become almost a household name, but with one sentence, he more than won his 15 minutes of fame.

"You Lie!" he shouted during a particularly bald faced lie the President was delivering, and has become center at what I believe is nothing less important than a battle for the 1st

He, a duly elected representative of the people of South Carolina, spoke his mind. To a guy who was a guest in the Legislature's House.

Rude? Perhaps. Timely and Candid? Defininitely. Its not often you get that in Congress, I'll tell you that.

And now the frothing, delerious moonbats are accusing him of racism because of disagreement with the President, and saying what he thinks.

Racism? WTF?!? Seriously, now you can't disagree with someone without being racist? Do I just have to nod my head and drool to whatever half-assed ideas my political masters come up with?

What about this racist girl then? What? You mean that's not racism? Its politically protected free speech? Huh. Quite the double standard there.

And now, one of the biggest American failures since Social Security, Jimmy Carter is coming on the air and calling Joe Wilson a racist, and pretty much saying that anyone who disagrees with the President is a racist.

I'm pissed. Altmire, my Representative voted to censure Wilson. If yours did too, call your congressmen and tell them they are doing the country a disservice by squashing a congressmen's ability to check the Executive. Here is Altmire's office phone number: 202-225-2565

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