Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pittsburgh Police officers remembered - But only one by The Obama?

I would like to thank all those who protect and serve. Being an officer of the law can sometimes be a thankless and under appreciate job.

Often, if you see a "cop" they are not there on the most pleasant of terms. Often you are being accused of something you may or may not have done and a ticket is coming your way. We curse them out, call them names, they are the brunt of jokes, and many stereotypes. Despite all that - they continue to serve for a salary that is not always be on par with the danger they are sometimes asked to confront.

Certainly, most days are ho-hum dull and routine. Then while you are driving from A- to B you hear of a shooting that involves fellow officer and you respond despite being off-duty - because as a Law Officer you are never really off-duty! During that response you not only come upon fallen comrades, but get shot and killed (murdered) and leave being the family that you so love. God rest your soul Officer Eric Kelly: forever 41.

Three officers: Paul Sciullo II, Stephen Mayhle and Eric Kelly were remembered and honored today in Pittsburgh, PA for their ultimate sacrifice and for their service.

Ok - now onto the political and pissy item:

What I found odd, and it may be inappropriate right now was this -

City Police Spokeswoman Diane Richard read a letter that was sent by Obama and his wife, Michelle. that can bee seen below.

Link to Video
"Our nation is grateful for the dedication, pride and service of those who risk their lives to ensure the safety of our citizens and our neighbors, and we share your loss," the letter said, in part. "Officer Kelly and his fellow officers were taken from us far too soon, and their loss reminds us that the work to which they were dedicated -- and ultimately gave their lives -- remains undone."

Why did the City Police Spokeswoman ONLY read the letter referring to ONE office? Odd. At first I thought - did The Obama only send one letter? Did he recognize only the ONE. That seemed a bit ridiculous and even though I dislike the Obama - he must have more cooth than that. Turns out he does and I am please that such is the case.

According to
an aid to the President did deliver letters of condolences to all three families. Now, to further nit pick - why then did the City Police Spokeswoman then only read the one letter and not at least mention the other two?

At first glance I thought, perhaps it was because Eric Kelly was the senior officer, or perhaps the other families were not huge fans of The Obama. What I am certain of is that the reason is NOT because The Police Spokeswoman was black, just as Eric Kelly is black, just as The Obama is (half) black.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Dipper!

Turns out that The Obama did not bow to a monarch. The Obama in fact "dipped" while greeting the unelected Muslim monarch because Abdullah is so much shorter than the towering and incredibly fit and well spoken Obama [sic]. This according to an unnamed source from within the administration

The video you below is deceiving and may have been CGI'd by right wing propagandists working in concert with Saudi oil czars for their use as well!

So - this weeks new name for The Obama has been temporarily changed to "The Big Dipper"

Oh, and a preemptive retort for the Libtards. YES....I actually WAS up in arms about the hand holding moment that Bush shared with Saudi royalty in 2005 - not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you.

I can only partially defend Dubya's act in that holding hands in the Arabic culture (as well as some others ie African and Asia) is not considered an act of subservience or a recognition of a royal status - it is merely a sign of affection (read friendship) and not in the sense us Westerners tend to project upon it. Trust me - get out a little.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gun Control Advocates

Don't Buy Things You Can't Afford

What a novel idea for debt and money management. It is a shame that our government is not as smart as the writers and actors at SNL.

Sunday, April 5, 2009