Monday, August 24, 2009

Town Hall Meeting

I recently received a phone call (automated) from one of my Congressmen, Jason Altmire (D-PA) to attend a town hall meeting he is hosting on Wednesday afternoon. This conflicts with a corn-roast I was previously planning on attending, but I may end up going.

The video below shows some of the outrage that people are feeling, and directing towards the clowns that are supposed to be representing them, that instead think are ruling them.

I found it particularly infuriating/humorous when the politician is unable to handle direct
conversation and confrontation in normal, non-coached, non-media style: "I never said that, and I apologized!" Which if you listen drew jeers from the crowd.

These out of touch yahoos in Washington need to "check themselves before they wreck themselves" if you ask me.

We are being taxed with out being represented. Tyrrany isn't always from a king. The last tyrant's representatives were not treated well by the American public. Heck, we used to get antsy about whiskey taxes, here in PA.

I'm not saying that we're about to start abusing politicians (though if a Union thug tries to shove me around, there may be issues... hey and I'm a Union worker) but people are getting restless.

Americans never shout down politicians. Its weird. But now they do. Loudly. Perhaps they have awakened a long dormant spirit of '76, brought out of hibernation from years of encroachment on their liberty.

I have never seen Americans so interested in politics in my lifetime, as has occured over this
healthcare debacle and the government bailout fiasco. But faced with increasing government power grabs and politicians that are spending taxpayer dollars like tokens at a Chuck-E-Cheese, perhaps we are finally understanding what happens when you get a bunch of self-serving, power-hungry, out-to-change-the-world-for-its-own-good people in a position of power.

Congress should not be a career. You shouldn't want to be there, particularly. If you are seeking power, I don't want you there. I want a reluctant politician. Someone who has better things to do. Family to raise, a farm to run, etc. Someone
nominated and picked by his peers, then sent to Washington. Not someone who is chomping at the bit to go, or who would go through a lengthy court battle to end up there. A man (gender neutral use here, ladies) who will keep his hand out of my pocketbook, because he doesn't want Government Man in his. Someone who will keep the government out of my life.

I want a man there who if nothing gets done by the governtment during his entire term of office, will look back and go, "Well, that's better than screwing something up!" and count it a victory, rather than trying to tell me what a great congressman he is by how much he changed stuff. At least when government is doing nothing, it is not doing anything to make my life worse.

Government Man, leave me alone! Don't Tread On Me.

Anyhow, watch the video: