Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cuba Libre

One of the things that President Obama has been criticized for has been for easing travel restrictions to Cuba.

Now, that's in essence true.  And as you all know, I'm no fan of the Obama Administration.  But may he have a point?

We've been in an economic embargo against Cuba for the past 50 years.  Would increased travel and cultural exchange with the United States increase the Cubans' desire for American freedoms?  Or would we be propping up a dying communist regime?  Tough to tell.  I could definitely see how seeing the affluence and freedom of Americans would cause the Cuban people to want our way of life, but I could also envision how American tourism dollars would be kept away from the people they are intended to benefit and funneled to the pockets of Castro and his cronies.

Speaking of Castro, that guy has been around for a while!  Remember when he was sick a few years ago and everyone thought he was dying?  I think he did, and he's been replaced by Robot Castro.

Yep, Fidelbot Mk IV.  No longer will your revolution of the people be stalled by encroaching Yankee decadence!  Keep the Party Going, Comrade!  Before you know it, they'll start widespread distribution of the Commiebot Mk V.  Heck, why not, I heard they installed the prototype as a Illinois politician a few years back, and look how well he's doing now!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Media bias always seems the worst in an election year. Walter Russel Mead has written an interesting essay over at The American Intererst.

He discusses some of the reasons why media bias may be unavoidable.  I found it an interesting read.  You can see it here:  Americans Turn on MSM